My name is Lesley Anne and baking has always been in my family. My Grandma baked a variety of cakes and treats most days she was a baking queen. My Mum caught the baking bug off her and worked in a bakery baking pies, she makes the most amazing pastry ever. The baking bug was then passed to me.


I remember as a little girl going to my Aunty and Uncles Wedding and seeing their royal iced Wedding cake and thought it was amazing. I kept the silver horseshoes that decorated it for ages after.


When I was 20 I did a night school class to learn how to decorate a Christmas cake with royal icing and I have been hooked ever since. I think I have done every size, shape and character cake going since then.


The Wedding cakes are the ones I love doing the most, they can be traditional, elegant, modern, romantic or completely wacky. Anything goes. They can even be naked now, who would have thought that 50 years ago.


I always wonder when setting a cake up if there’s a little girl there that is messmorised by it and wants to make them herself. I would say “NO DO SOMETHING ELSE”.  It is hard work and time consuming but when you have the baking bug you can’t get rid of it, and to be honest I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love it.

Love Lesley Anne




I would love to have a chat to you about your big day. I love all wedding talk especially the proposal tale, but after the proposal comes all your planning so.


I would love to invite you for a no obligation consultation so we can design the perfect bespoke cake for you that ties in all the elements of your day.


Please do contact me to discuss your design...

Lesley Anne Wedding Cake Design Lancashire
Lesley Anne Wedding Cake Design Lancashire

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